Treasure Island

Treasure Islands

Treasure Islands is more than a game, but an entire DeFi ecosystem
Chest v1 will evolve into Treasure Islands. All current Chests are still supported and no migration steps are required.
Treasure Islands is not only a game, but an entire DeFi ecosystem, from yield-generating structured product chests, to DEXs, to liquidity farms, to governance councils, all centered around utility and gameplay-driven NFTs and $CHEST.
Treasure Islands float across the DeFi Sea. Players will be able to stake and earn in structured product chests, swap and trade on a DEX with the coin master, farm and provide liquidity in farms, and vote on protocol-wide policies that will govern the DeFi Sea through the DeFi Sea Council (DSC), a cooperative of pirates and governors powered by $CHEST and rare pirate NFTs.
Once players are sufficiently comfortable with their home islands, they will be able to construct or buy ships to sail the DeFi sea on the search of new islands and treasures that they can claim as new real estate. But doing so is not risk free, they may encounter other pirates and engage into sea battles, or find hostile enemies on new discovered lands. Moreover, not all new land is formed equally. Some may promise abundant riches, while other may be barren sand dunes.

🌎 The Vision for Treasure Island

We see a future where DeFi, GameFi and NFTs merge into one. Treasure Island’s vision is to become an all-encompassing universe where players will be able to earn directly from a game, and experience the magic of Solana, web3, and DeFi innovations. For too long traditional finance has locked users out of their own liquidity, and traditional games have locked player-created value within their own ecosystems, preventing players to extract the very value that they created. Treasure Island, blockchain, and DeFi will change this paradigm. Not only will you be able to freely interact with your liquidity, but through GameFi mechanics, will more importantly be able to extract the value you created and share in the prosperity of the DeFi Sea.
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