Treasure Island

Get started

Follow the steps below to start earning yield on $CHEST is no time!

1. Connect your wallet

Currently supported wallets include: Phantom, Sollet, Slope, Solflare, and Ledger (hardware)

2. Select a chest

Choose a chest based on the strategy and asset you wish to stake in. You can refer to the estimated APY and strategy descriptions to make your choice.

3. Deposit tokens into the chest

Chest is in active development. Current release is alpha software. You should not deposit more than you are willing to lose.
When depositing into a chest for the first time, you will also send an additional transaction to create a user account. This account is purely for backend purposes and is needed to keep track of your earnings. The cost of this transaction is a few cents. You will only need to do this once.
If an active chest is already underway, your deposits won't earn you yield until the next chest, but by depositing early, they will automatically be added to the next chest when the time comes. You can refer to the "Next Chest Starts" countdown to see when the next chest starts.

4. Wait for the yield countdown to end

The yield countdown represents the amount of time left until yield is generated and redistributed to stakers. This countdown depends on the chest's strategy and parameters.
Ex: For a covered call chest, the yield countdown represents the amount of time until the option expires. If the option expires below the strike, the stakers will earn a premium. See more here.

5. Collect yield

You can collect your yield at the end of the yield countdown either by
  1. 1.
    Withdrawing at the end of the yield countdown, and before the next pool starts
  2. 2.
    Withdrawing during the yield countdown, which will automatically move your funds to the "withdrawable next" pool. This amount still participates in the current yield pool but will not participate in the next and future ones.
Instead of collecting your yield, you can also keep it in the pool and it will automatically compound week over week.
and that's it, it's that easy, for any questions, reach out to us on discord