Treasure Island


Treasure Island FAQ

What is Treasure Island?

Treasure Island is more than just a game, it's an entire DeFi ecosystem. Trade, earn real yield, acquire rare valuable NFTs, battle, discover new land, vote at the DeFi Sea Council, and farm passively.

What happened to Chest v1?

Chest v1 will be fully integrated into Treasure Island as a way to earn additional yield. No need to migrate anything, funds are safu, and Chest v1's structured products continue to operate as they always have.

What are Pirate NFTs?

Pirate NFTs will be tradeable in-game characters that will allow users to access exclusive quests, features, yield, and battles. Each Pirate has its own set of unique stats and attributes that make it better at certain tasks. Some may help you win more land battles, other may help you earn higher yield. All Pirates are unique.

What is the Gen. 0 Pirate NFT?

Gen. 0 Pirate NFTs are Treasure Island's first set of Pirates. We recommend you read our detailed article here.
TLDR: Gen. 0 Pirate NFTs come with 12% of the $CHEST token supply, up to 120% voting power at the DeFi Sea Council, and the ability to evolve it to a Gen. 1 Pirate in the future.

Chest v1 FAQ

How do Chests earn their yield?

Each chest uses combinations of options, futures and lending strategies to generate passive yield income for stakers. Chests abstract away the complex strategies to allow all DeFi users to earn boosted yields on their hodls.

How much yield can I earn?

Each chest will have its own risk-reward curve, with riskier chests earning potentially higher yield than less riskier ones. Each chest displays an estimated APY.

How does withdrawing work?

You can only withdraw funds that are not "Locked" into an active chest and that are "Withdrawable now". You can see how much of your deposits are locked and or withdrawable under each chest tab.
When withdrawing before the yield countdown ends, the funds will move from "Locked" to "Withdrawable next", meaning the funds still participate in the current yield round, but will be automatically removed from future ones.
You can also withdraw at the end of the yield countdown and before the next chest starts.

Are there risks involved?

Yield is never free. Chest is able to provide high APY's but takes on varying levels of risk. Please familiarize yourself with the risk page to fully understand the risk exposure.
Do not deposit more than you are willing to lose.

What are the Chest v1 fees?

Chest follows a similar fee schedule to Ribbon finance's, except for SOL chests, where Chest takes a significantly reduced fee. Chest takes a 10% performance fee (that only is charged on profitable chests) and a 0.5% annualized management fee for SOL chests (2% for all other chests).

I need help with something on the app!

Reach out to us on Discord, we'll help you out!