Treasure Island

Terms and Conditions

$CHEST (also known as Chest) is a developer of decentralized blockchain software. Chest does not operate a virtual currency or derivatives exchange platform or offer trade execution or clearing services and therefore has no oversight, involvement, or control with respect to your transactions. All transactions between users of Chest decentralized blockchain software are executed peer-to-peer directly between the users’ digital wallets through a smart contract. As a user of Chest, you declare that you are not a citizen or resident of any jurisdiction in which either the use of any of the Services, exchange, purchase, receipt, or holding of any Tokens is prohibited, restricted, curtailed, hindered, impaired or otherwise adversely affected by any Applicable Laws;
$CHEST is an actively developed protocol and is in it's alpha build. You can lose up to 100% of your funds, with no recourse to compensation. Please ensure you do your own research and understand the risks before continuing.
By depositing and using the protocol, you understand and agree to the above.